Blakely makes history electing first black mayor


BLAKELY, Ga. (WDHN) — A historical moment Tuesday for the City of Blakely, as they elected their first African American Mayor Travis Wimbush.

Wimbush is proud of the achievement.

“I think it’s an achievement that for a race is something that we are proud of, and going forward I want to exemplify,” Mayor-elect Travis Wimbush said. “Though we acknowledge the moment, all of our decisions affect Blakely, all Blakely as a whole.”

Wimbush said African Americans have come a long way with equality and rights but believes there is still some work to be done.

“We embrace the accomplishments and achievements, and we continue to educate ourselves and fight voter suppression and make sure that the rights are equal and fair for all people,” Wimbush said.

People in Blakely are proud of the accomplishment and wish well for Wimbush.

“I think what Mr. Wimbush has done here in Blakely on becoming the first African American mayor is pretty amazing,” said Tera Beckley. “It’s a small town, it’s a tight little community, and he’s been able to come in and see what this town needs. He has a direction, he has a voice, and he has a vision. I look forward to what he has for the future of this place.”

Wimbush is proud of being the first African American mayor in Blakely, but he wants to focus on helping the citizens and improving the town even more.

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