Black bear sighted in Slocomb over the weekend, thought to be coming from Florida


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Sunday morning Slocomb had a rare bear sighting. Cindy Battles snapped photos of a Black bear crossing County Road 91 just north of County Road 4, which is a short distance west from the popular beach route of Geneva County road 49.

It’s thought that the bear was following the creeks from Florida and ended up in Slocomb.

“We knew it was coming and it’s been rumored for a while that people have been seeing bears and a lot of this is coming from Central Florida,” Geneva County District One commissioner, Weston spivey, said. “Central Florida has a lot of bears, especially the panhandle. It’s very common to have Black bears, so they’re making their rounds and I encourage everyone to be careful with their trash and just be alert when you’re outside, especially at night.”

Bear sightings have been reported in the area before, but very few have had photographic proof like this weekends, and one Slocomb resident talked about what he would do if he were to see a bear. 

 “I would immediately take pictures, and as long as it’s not trying to hurt anybody I’d let it go on its way,” Mason Mathis said. “If they’re not hurting me or anybody else I wouldn’t bother it, now if it were trying to hurt somebody then I would take action against, but if it’s not trying to hurt anybody what’s the point in hurting it.”

And when asked how he feels about the possibility of more bears coming up through Florida, Mathis said:

“I honestly don’t like it because there are so many people around here, there are all these kids and stuff, we have a school you know,” Mathis said. “Other than that it really doesn’t bother me since I kind of expect it cause we’re all out in the middle of nowhere basically.”

It is strongly advised that if you do run into a bear, you leave it alone, and contact law enforcement if danger presents itself.  

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