Ben Irwin says “I will work very very hard” if elected Mayor of Ozark


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Ozark officially has their first candidate for the 2020 mayoral race. Last week attorney Ben Irwin announced that he wants to serve the citizens as their mayor.

It’s only been three days since Ben Irwin announced he would be running for Mayor of Ozark in 2020, and he said that he’s a person who loves helping others and that’s what he wants to do for his hometown.

In 16 months Ben Irwin, a native of Ozark, will see his name on the 2020 Mayor of Ozark ballot. In a Facebook post, Irwin announced he’s running for the mayor’s seat, and that the opportunity to serve his hometown would mean a lot to him. 

“That draw of Ozark, that hometown feel that’s in your heart you know,” Irwin said. “I never replaced it, with all the places I traveled over the world, just came back to gosh I just want to help and I think there are ways that I can add value and would certainly like to try.”

If he were to be elected, Irwin tells me that there are few things he would do to help Ozark grow. 

“I think Ozark needs more for its community for its youth, you know improved recreational facilities, more recreational facilitates, new ways to try and improve the infrastructure of Ozark,” Irwin said.

Irwin said no matter the outcome of the election next August, he cares about his hometown and he wants to help however he can, but if elected…

“I will work, I will work very very hard, I will care, I will have passion about the city,” Irwin said. “I will do what is necessary to do whatever I can within my powers, and to encourage others to be able to let Ozark grow to be able to help it grow.”

One Dothan resident tells WDHN what she would tell a potential voter thinking about casting their vote for Irwin.  

“He has a desire and a drive to want people to get along, to want to facilitate change,” Ashley Brock said. “He has the ability to make those things happen.”

Irwin said that he looks forward to getting out in the community to meet everyone and that he doesn’t want people to see him as a politician.

If anyone wants to keep up with his campaign they can go like his Ben Irwin for Ozark mayor 2020 Facebook page. 

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