Aunt Katie’s Garden hoping for approval of clean-up grant


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A meeting was held at Aunt Katie’s Garden on Linden Street Wednesday.

The meeting discussed details about a clean-up grant that would be used for the removal of contaminated soils at the old sub-station site on linden street.

“We actually began working on the clean-up grant for this site about this time last year,” Planning Division Bob Wilkerson said.

The limit for the grant is $600,000, but for this project half of that would be received if approved.

The money for the grant would come from the EPA and the city.

“There’s also going to be project management, but for the most part most of the money, a good 80 to 90 percent is going to be going purely towards the clean-up,” Senior Geologist Greg Stover said.

If the grant is awarded, the old sub-station site would be used by Aunt Katie’s Garden Co-Founder Michael Jackson.

He plans to build a grow house to help bring in good food into the community to fight poverty and obesity.

“If I had a grow house that is buttoned up right now, that production would be protected,” Aunt Katie’s Garden Michael Jackson said. “That allows us economically to have the product to meet the demand for fresh affordable local food that we have in this area.”

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