Ashford teachers to be placed on administrative leave


ASHFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — Parents and students at Ashford High School were furious Thursday after text messages from a group chat of Ashford teachers was leaked.

In the messages, the teachers talked about students sex lives and called some students the n-word.

“My message to ya’ll, a lot of ya’ll, ya’ll need to clean house starting with these teachers and get rid of them,” parent Venissa Wilson said.

Houston County Superintendent David Sewell announced Friday that several of the teachers will be put on administrative leave on Monday.

For some though that isn’t enough.

“They need to be gone as of today. We don’t need to wait on this right here,” Ashford resident Richard Bolden said. “What are we waiting for, and just remember we didn’t get them in trouble. We did not get them in trouble, they got themselves in trouble. They have just been exposed to what they have done, and something need to be done about it.”

As for the students, the damage has already been done. One student said any trust they had for the teachers is now gone.

“If someone comes to the school doing something they have no business doing,” Ashford student Michael Johnson said. “The teacher might think in her head well I’m not going to protect this student the way I’m going to protect this one. That’s the way it really makes you feel about this. So, it’s a big slap in the face.”

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