As COVID cases spike, importance of getting vaccine increases


DALE CO, Ala. (WDHN) — The COVID-19 vaccine is circulating around the Wiregrass Area and health officials are worried.

It’s real and it’s serious which is why health officials are encouraging people to take the vaccine.

At Dale Medical Center, officials pushed to get their healthcare and frontline workers as well as first responders vaccinated first.

Now, they’ve moved on to giving the vaccine to those 75 or older but hope the vaccine will become accessible to everyone as soon as possible.

“Well we are starting to give it to the 75 or older population trying to get as much vaccine in the arms of individuals of our county as possible,” said Johnson.

Being a COVID survivor, CEO Vernon Johnson of Dale Medical Centers understand the importance of getting the vaccine because anyone can contract COVID-19.

“We are beyond the point of debating whether a mask works or doesn’t work. I just plead with the public covid-19 is real,” he said.

There have been 4,732 confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the state of Alabama. Healthcare workers said the vaccine is dire right now.

“So I plead with the public the vaccine is gonna come more readily available in the coming weeks, if you have an opportunity to take it the only way we’re gonna curb this is to get the vaccines out there and put this thing to rest,” said Johnson.

It can happen to you, your loved one or someone you work with.

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