Alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ arrested in Dale County on multiple charges


Dale County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home in the Canterbury Farms Subdivision in Grimes on November 30, 2016. A man was seen trespassing on a homeowner’s property and looking through her windows.

“The suspect fled prior to the deputies getting there, so we began an investigation of trying to locate the individual and actually installed some cameras,” said Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson.

Those cameras caught the suspect not only looking through a window, but also fondling himself in the process. Authorities arrested Jeremy McClain, charging him with criminal surveillance, third degree criminal trespass, and indecent exposure. Olson also said this serves as a good reminder to make sure your windows are fully covered.

“You do that for many reasons, especially this time of year with it being Christmas, if you have a large amount of Christmas presents and stuff like that under the tree. You know, if people come around and see you have piles of stuff, it may be tempting for them to break in and take those items,” he said.

Olson said the victim did not know McClain but may have seen him around the neighborhood.

“We don’t live in a society where everybody has good intentions anymore, and it’s often best to cover your bases. Blinds are good and allow you to have the ultimate element of surprise with them not knowing where you’re at in the residence, in case they have other intentions of breaking in on you,” said Olson.

He said you should also take other precautions, like locking your doors. As for now, he said this “Peeping Tom” won’t be looking inside any more windows for a long time.

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