Alabama State Troopers training new Tactical Flight Officers


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Wiregrass Public Safety Training Center held tactical flight officer aircraft training Thursday.

The Alabama State Troopers Aviation Unit was there instructing new officers.

“They’ve got a lot of new tfos or tactical flight officers, bringing them in,” Alabama State Troopers Aviation Unit Corporal Tim Martin said. “So, basically what I’ve been doing is coming in showing them some different techniques, strategies, and technologies that tactical flight officers have to know to be able to do a search and rescue mission successfully.”

The helicopters have high definition flare systems that allow officers to see farther.

They also have a moving map overlay system that allows officers to see street names on the ground so they can relay it to the ground units.

This is one thing that the TFOs are learning.

“The learning curve for the new TFOs is very very minimal because the new technology makes it easier obviously to operate,” Martin said. “The biggest thing is just getting it installed. So, probably maybe two to three week turnaround. That’s just taking it to a mechanic, having them install the equipment and then training.”

Not all law enforcement helicopters have this technology. The helicopters in Dale and Houston County do not have these new technologies.

“If we’re afforded the new technology down the road will allow us to be more effective in search and rescue and assisting law enforcement and first responders,” Dale County Aviation Unit Chief Tim McDonald said.

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