Alabama judge orders healthcare provider to return money to teachers


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Teachers in Alabama are one step closer to receiving a refund from their healthcare provider.

A Montgomery County judge ordered the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan, better known as PEEHIP to pay up.

The amount that public education employees will get is based on how much was take from them. This all happened during a meeting that the Alabama Supreme Court said violated the state’s open meeting law.

“We had just received the well-deserved raise, and all of a sudden, it is being taken away,” teacher Adrienne Stovall said.

Stovall is just one of the educators in Alabama that felt the effects of the PEEHIP board’s decision to increase premiums and spousal surcharges.

“In any profession, every dollar and every dime counts, and we work hard, so we deserve everything that comes to us,” she said.

Theron Stokes, an attorney with the Alabama Education Association, fought on behalf of public educators.

“What we are saying is PEEHIP needs to pay attention to our members’ concerns,” Stokes said. “Some of our members are out here struggling every day.”

Earlier this year, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled in favor of an Alabama Education Association lawsuit, which said PEEHIP’s board did not follow the state’s open meeting law back in 2016 when it increased premiums and spousal surcharges.

“Educators, we spend so much additional dollars of our own money into our profession as well,” teacher Tislam Ellis said. 

PEEHIP has to refund the money to teachers by July 31. It wouldn’t say on average how much each person will receive, but the entire payout will be around $100 million dollars.

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