Alabama Attorney General ready to take abortion ban to Supreme Court

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — With the debate over Alabama’s abortion bill, a legal battle on the horizon.

“As someone who strongly supports the right to life, I embrace this fight.”  Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said.

Marshall said if Governor Kay Ivey signs the bill into law, his office will defend it and will prepare a factual case to challenge Roe V. Wade.

“To be able to show how science has changed, how knowledge has changed and to allow the court to eventually re-examine what it was factually based their decision on Roe,” he said.

There is not a question of “if” the abortion ban will be challenged. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have already made that clear.

 A statement released by ACLU of Alabama Executive Director Randall Marshall says in part:  ” (We) will file a lawsuit to stop this unconstitutional ban and protect every woman’s right to make her own choice about her healthcare, her body, and her future.”

“I’m sure we will be in litigation shortly after it’s signed into law,”  Marshall said.

He said his office will be ready.  

“My responsibility is to defend the laws of the state, and that’s what we intend to do here,” Marshall said.

If  Ivey signs the ban into law, it wouldn’t take effect for another six months, but any legal challenge would delay it even further.

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