Alabama at risk of losing representation


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The state of Alabama is at risk of losing a seat in the House of Representatives because of a census count.

“It appears that Alabama is sort of on the bubble right now of whether or not we could possibly lose a seat or keep the same amount that we got which is seven,” Rep. Steve Clouse said.

If Alabama lost a seat, it would lose an electoral college vote for presidential elections and also have a potential cut in fundings. One citizen is concerned.

“Well I think the representation in Washington is relevant for every state, not just Alabama, but since I’m in the state of Alabama, it’s important for Alabama because of the funding that can be lost,” Jesse Rhines said.

He also thinks more is at risk than just an electoral college vote.

“So if you lose that representation you lose more than you think you lose. It’s not just a vote itself, it’s for the well-being of the state itself,” Rhines said.

Clouse encourages people to participate in the census poll and says it’s very important for the state.

“It’s very important that people all over the state participate in the census count that will be taking place next year,” Rep. Steve Clouse said.

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