Alabama 2nd congressional district candidates giving reasons to be elected


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Republican Women of Coffee County had their first meeting of the new with the candidates of the 2nd Congressional District of Alabama Wednesday.

The candidates included Thomas W. Brown Jr., Jeff Coleman, Troy King, Barry Moore, Bob Rogers, and a letter from Jessica Taylor.

“By having them all in here at the same time, and you can hear them side by side,” Coffee Country Republican Women President Virginia Howard said. “It will help you to make a distinction on the one that you feel will bests serve us in this area.”

The candidates talked about their backgrounds and what they plan on doing to not just to help this area, but to also help, and support the president for the nation.

“I want to create a patient advocate,” 2nd Congressional District Candidate Thomas W. Brown, Jr. Said. “An individual that is between the doctor and the insurance company that’s not 100 percent biased to the insurance company. So this would be paid 50/50 percent by the doctor and by the insurance companies. So, he would be in favor of you the people.”

All the candidates were asked questions submitted by the crowd and were given a minute to answer them.

One of the big points they all talked about was their support for President Trump and their thoughts on impeachment.

“Well, obviously it was only one party,” 2nd Congressional District Candidate Barry Moore said. “I mean that’s troubling. The first time in our nation we’ve had a single party non-bipartisan vote for impeachment, that tells you it’s politically motivated. They know they can’t beat him coming up in 2020, so they’re looking for ways to undermine him and hurt him in the election.”

Candidate Thomas W. Brown, Jr. is the youngest candidate in the race and would be the youngest Republican to take a seat in Congress in over 100 years.

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