Action star Dany Trejo saves grandmother, child from flipped car


SYLMAR, Calif. (ABC7) — Actor Danny Trejo is usually on the big screen as the villain, but in real life, when it counts, he is a hero.

On Wednesday, Trejo witnessed an accident where he said a driver ran a red light, smashed into another car and flipped it.

“There was a lady in the front seat that was pinned, and she kept screaming ‘my baby, my baby,’ and so I went to the back seat, and me and the guy pulled open the back door because it was stuck,” Trejo said.

He quickly realized the baby was a special needs boy. Once he got him out, he did everything he could to calm him down.

“I kept facing him away from the accident and just talking to him, and then some lady kind of pointed and said don’t bring him over here,” Trejo said.

Firefighters were able to help his grandmother, the driver, out of the front seat.

The boy and grandmother were reunited and ended up okay. Call him an actor or a good samaritan, for Danny Trejo, it’s all about helping others.

“Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else, everything, and that’s how I live my life,” the actor said.

No one was seriously injured in this accident, but three people were taken to the hospital to make sure everyone was okay.

Trejo said he is glad he was there, in the right place and the right time.

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