Acting! Giving Passion and Bringing Confidence


Dothan resident Deric Kennedy is quite new to the world of acting for some. He decided to make it his career choice four years ago after graduating from Troy University. 

“All those mentors in my life from like high school and college would say follow your passion, follow your dreams, find who you are at your core and you make that your paycheck,” said Kennedy. “So as college days kind of ended I said hey I’m an adult now so I wanna just work for someone all my life or chase my dreams so I just made a decision to go for it.”

In those four years, Kennedy has starred in many short film projects and stage plays from the circle city all the way to the big apple. 

“I just had my very first New York stage performance back in March in Harlem, New York so I was really excited about that,” said Kennedy. “I just put my feet in everything and I’m just aiming for the stars man.” 

On his journey to stardom, Deric is training the next generation of actors at the Ozark Boys and Girls Club this summer. Kids are learning things such as acting techniques to improve through his class. 

“I’m just imparting everything that I’ve learned on their level,” said Kennedy.  “Teaching about headshots, to resumes, how to find an agent, what market to brand yourself in.”

 Students even got the chance to star in their own commercial. Kennedy goal is that they gain the techniques and knowledge but most of all leave with confidence. 

“I know that its a lot of peer pressure, social pressure, and influences,” said Kennedy. “I just wanna be that figure in their life to say stay in school number one, stay confident number two and really follow your dreams and its really just that simple.” 

Kennedy is currently filming a movie in Atlanta that is set to preview this October. 

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