Abbeville man killed during fight


ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Abbeville police arrested James Jr. Walker Saturday evening after a shooting at the Deer Run Apartments resulted in the death of one man. 

James Jr. Walker faced Judge Derek Peterson in a Henry County courtroom Monday afternoon after being arrested for the murder of 31-year-old, Tommy Jerome Grace. 

“Investigation shows so far that there was a disagreement or altercation that began and the victim was shot one time,” Abbeville Police Chief Noel Vanlandingham said. “We attempted life saving steps to get this guy, you know, until rescue could get there but it was futher not.

The shooting victim, Tommy Jerome Grace, was transported to Southeast Health Medical Center. The transporting ambulance had police escorts in front and from behind.

Dothan Police and the Houston County Sheriff’s office were on scene at the E.R. for security purposes, and Vanlandingham said his department is doing everything they can right now.

“We’re trying to get a plan together right now,” Vanlandingham said. “And, we’re going to start implementing it here very shortly.”

While some say there were multiple people arrested, Vanlandingham said the only person arrested was James Jr. Walker, and that this is a part of an on-going family dispute, which might result in retaliation from those on the victims side.

“All of these are related in some fashion; they’re either cousins or you know something sort of like that, so the whole family is related,” Vanlandingham said. “The ones closer to the victim are making threats via social media and things of that nature.”

Murder is a Class A felony, which carries a sentence of no less than 10 years, and due to his prior convictions,

Peterson set Walker’s bond at $200,000. 

Vanlandingham also said that he wasn’t able to give out any more information as this is an on-going investigation.

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