A day in the life of a police officer


“First thing I do is look at my tires and see if one of them is a little low. I check my alley lights and make sure they turn on here.” Left and rights. My take down lights in the front. After testing the lights, siren, radio, body cam and making sure all the essentials such as a rescue kit is in the trunk…It’s time to hit the streets”, said Officer Michael Hannon with the Dothan Police Department. 

After pushing the car and not finishing the rest of the obstacle course within 90 seconds, it was time to patrol our zone. 

After making a couple of stops, checking on a couple of neighborhoods and responding to a call.. I quickly learned that police officers wear a number of different hats. 

Hannon told WDHN news, “We go from enforcer to counselors. Some calls we are playing referee when we got a fight. Some calls we’re the encourager when we are dealing with children.”

And some go quietly go above and beyond. 

Hannon stated, “Throughout the day, I like to go to bus stops or before and after school I try to find somebody that’s kind of had a hard day.” 

And it’s all in the day of the life of a Dothan Police officer.

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