A day at the Houston County Community Corrections


Many local offenders have been given a second chance judges can see they want to do better but sometimes make a wrong choice.

But what happens when they keep making the wrong decisions??

In recent months there’s been two cases of an offender who takes that work time to commit even more crimes.

“You’ll always have someone to say that place isn’t worth it until it’s your family member that has to be here,” said Tony Weber.

There are currently 80 or so offenders housed in the Houston County Community Corrections facility.

“So on a 10 year sentence you’re only looking at 3 that you’ll actually serve,” said Tony Weber.

Every one of them hold a job they have a relative come pick them up everyday to take them to work and also drop them off.

“It could be anywhere from food service to construction we actually have several manufacturing here in Dothan that work with us we even have some in retail,” said Tony Weber.

Each employees gets paid just like any other worker.

“30 percent goes to the county for their up keep and 20 percent goes to the courts for fees and costs everything else they get,” said Tony Weber.

Each offenders also participates in self recovery programs like alcoholics anonymous.

“Then in the evenings their either going to be involved in some substance abuse training maybe some GED training we have that here we have a lot of faith services come in and we have two book clubs,” said Tony Weber.

Weber says the most problems they have is with contraband.

“We’re going to strip search them all the way down to their birthday suit,” said Tony Weber.

However, within the last 6 months there have be two crimes committed with a firearm by an offender from community corrections.

The most recent was the Mckay Street murder.

“In the nature that we’ve had the last couple of times that’s pretty rare,” said Tony Weber.

If any offenders commits another crime while already in custody at the Houston county community corrections they will automatically be taken to the city jail.


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