’80 or 90 trucks’ expected to make shipments to Abbeville Fiber, Money says


ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Abbeville fiber project represents the largest economic investment in the county’s history, with $40 million invested to date, and on Monday the first truckload of logs was delivered.

“It’s just the beginning of what will develop into 45-50 loads per day as they produce 50 million board feet of lumber a year out there,” Henry County Probate Judge David Money said. “In phase two, when they get up to 100 million board feet, then we’re probably looking at 80 or 90 trucks a day coming in out there.”

Money said seeing the first truck gave the leaders a feeling of optimism of what’s to come for Henry County.

“If you look at all the new construction, all the concrete, all the loading, and storing areas as well as the actual drying kiln, the lumber part of it, the cutting part of it, it’s just an amazing operation,” Money said. “In time they’ll be offering so tours to help us to understand exactly what they’ll be doing with the wood they’re receiving.”

With the first truckload that came on Monday and more expected to arrive in the coming weeks, the Henry County Commission passed a resolution that will allow work to start on the turn lane that the trucks will use to pull in to the plant to avoid backing up traffic.

“We were able to get an industrial access grant through ALDOT,” Money said. “A $180,000 grant, the proposal came in a little bit under that, which is always good. Things are moving out there, we’re excited for them, and I think that they’re glad to be in Henry County.”

At its peak, the plant will have 115 employees, and plant management hopes the grand opening will take place either the last week of August or the first week of September.

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