15 miles of roadways in Dothan are being resurfaced


For years the Dothan city commission sets aside money to make much needed road improvements and this year’s projects are already underway.

As many may know car repairs can get pretty costly but it’s that time of year for the city of Dothan to help alleviate that burden from taxpayers.

When it comes to driving many motorist may say pot holes give them the most headaches but the city of Dothan is gearing up for their annual road projects.

“Right now we are resurfacing about 15 miles of various streets all over the city of Dothan,” said Charles Metzger, Assistant Public Works Director.

Dothan currently maintains over 500 miles of streets the major highways are ALDOT’s responsibility.

“Its only about 3 percent so you really have to pick and choose there’s always more streets than we have funding,” said Charles Metzger.

Nowadays city dollars aren’t going as far as they use to with the cost of fuel rocks and assault have gone up.

“It was costing about $800,000 a year to do about 15 miles now we’re about 2.2 million and doing about the same amount of roads,” said Charles Metzger.

Even with funding complications Dothan public works still remains fair and balanced.

“We’re trying to get a certain amount done in every district we have 6 districts but obviously some have more road mileage than others,” said Charles Metzger.

These road improvement considerations come from the mayor city commissioners and “From the public if we have two roads with the same condition we have more complaints on this one we try to deal with that but it’s a juggling process,” said Charles Metzger.

Now a number of these projects have already been completed.

“Most of the time if someone in a subdivision goes to work that day they’ll come home and the work will be finished so they can be driving on them,” said Charles Metzger

Once these roads are resurfaced pavement life is about 15 years give or take that all depends on how often the roads are used.


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