‘We are at war with an invisible enemy;’ Ivey calls on Alabamians to fight COVID-19


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) — Gov. Kay Ivey is calling on Alabamians to do their part and fight the COVID-19 pandemic by wearing masks.

“Today we are at war with an invisible enemy,” Ivey said in a call to action video.

In the video, Ivey likens the fight against the novel coronavirus to World War II, pointing out how Alabamians’ sacrifices helped America win the war against the Axis Powers.

“Some joined the front lines in combat, while others led the fight on the home
front,” she said. “Those sacrifices helped our nation win the war and go on to define the Greatest

Aside from making masks mandatory in her Safer at Home Order, Ivey has asked individual citizens to act responsibly in the past to help beat back the pandemic in the Yellowhammer State. In an interview with WDHN’s Paige Weeks, Ivey said the required use of masks helped reduce the number of new cases across the state.

As of this report, 94,827 Alabamians have contracted the virus with 37,923 presumed recoveries and 1,674 deaths.

“By comparison, our sacrifice is small, but each of us can do our part,” Ivey said. “Mask up Alabama!”

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