BREAKING: City of Enterprise declares state of emergency over COVID-19 pandemic


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — A state of emergency has been declared in the city of Enterprise, according to a resolution passed in a special called meeting Friday.

Under this state of emergency, Mayor Bill Cooper is now able to put into measures to help with any potential problems the city may face. These include:

  • Being able to “appoint, employ, remove, or provide, with or without compensation, auxiliary fire, and police personnel, and other emergency management worker.”
  • Establishing a primary control center for command posts. The city can also establish secondary control centers as needed.
  • Assigning city employees, property, or equipment for duties related to “fire fighting, engineering, rescue, health, medical and related service, police, transportation, construction, and similar items or services for emergency management purposes.”

Since the city believes emergency conditions have happened or are likely to happen, the city is also putting procedures into place that will be managed by Cooper and the other department heads.

These include:

  • Suspension of formalities regarding public work performance; entering contracts; obligations; employing temporary workers; the use of volunteers; renting equipment; purchasing and distributing supplies, materials, and facilities with or without compensation; and the use of public funds.
  • A possible curfew if needed.
  • Restrictions over the operating hours and access to public buildings owned or leased by the city, including city parks. This may lead to closures if needed.
  • Allowing Cooper to take any measures needed to protect the city’s financial security relating to personnel, contracts, and operations. He may also apply for grants for emergency relief from the state of Alabama or the federal government.

The city will remain under this state of emergency until April 8, 2020, or until it is revoked by the city

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