‘T-rex’ combats pandemic woes in local neighborhood by spreading cheer


NEWTON, Ala. (WDHN) — If you wander through the town of Newton, you may see a reptilian figure wandering through the streets.

But unlike the Tyrannosaurus Rex of old, this T-Rex is looking to spread cheer, not fear, through its neighborhood. Bearing a sign saying “Don’t be a nervous Rex,” the costumed dinosaur wandered the street while someone recorded it laughing.

Newton resident Brittany Collins, who sent us the video and photo, said she and a UT college student came up with the idea to help entertain anyone stuck inside due to the pandemic. They did it once, and since people loved it, they added the sign.

“We just want to cheer everyone up,” Collins said. “We know it’s a hard time and people are getting sick of being stuck inside. But seeing a dinosaur walk by may make your day a bit better.”

In case you want additional laughs, try playing “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Was Not) while watching the clip.

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