Southeast Health seeks baby monitors to keep coronavirus in check


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Southeast Health Foundation is using baby monitors to help nurses inside isolation areas to keep their hands free and communicate to people outside isolation.

They are asking people in the community for donations.

“We ask for baby monitors because it makes it really easy for our care teams to communicate with each other,” Southeast Health Foundation Executive Director Merideth Holland said. “We have looked all over the community, and we’re out, and so we’re trying to find those through donations from our community so we can best help our care teams.”

The patients can also communicate with a caregiver outside of isolation. The baby monitors help the hospital save resources because caregivers don’t have to use more gear to enter the isolation areas.

On top of baby monitors, the foundation is also looking for homemade masks to give to patients coming into the hospital to protect the patients and the staff.

“Every patient that comes into our E.R. or into our family birth center or into our outpatient registration area, every one of those patients could be COVID-positive,” Holland said. “So we give each patient a handmade mask; we see about 300 a day.”

There are over 150 seamstresses in the area making these masks.

The masks have a hole in them so a person can cut a coffee filter and put it in the mask for more protection.

The foundation has a box outside their building that the mask can be dropped in. You can call 334-673-4150 or visit the Southeast Foundation webpage to donate.

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