Sewell: 1 confirmed COVID-19 case at Cottonwood High; 4 at Wicksburg


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Since reopening Houston County Schools two weeks ago, there have been a few confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Some people believed there was an outbreak of positive COVID cases, but Superintendent David Sewell said it is not true.

“The number of exposure is higher, but that’s the problem,” he said. “As far as an outbreak, there is not an outbreak.”

Sewell said the main focus has been on maintaining and monitoring possible exposures.

According to him, Houston County Schools follow CDC guidelines and is doing everything they can do keep their students and staff safe.

“Nearly 80 Houston County students have been sent home since school reopened,” he said.
“As far as I know and please, no one has contracted COVID at the school, all these are cases that have been contracted off-campus and brought on campus,” said Sewell.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Cottonwood and Wicksburg schools, COVID-19 numbers are low.

At Cottonwood High, there is 1 positive case with 26 exposures. At Wicksburg, there have been 4 positive cases with 31 exposures.

Sewell said he wants parents to be more proactive.

“They should check their children’s’ temperature and look for symptoms,” he said. “If they have a temperature, don’t send them.”

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