More than 170 children tested for COVID-19, one positive at Dothan pediatric clinic


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dothan Pediatric Clinic has tested a little over 170 children for COVID-19, and only one came back positive after being exposed by a family member with the virus.

For many patients, care has changed in the past few months, and that’s no different here at the Dothan Pediatric Center. You’ll have a staff member come out to your car, ask you a series of questions, and then go back in and come back out to get you when it’s time to see the doctor.

“It’s been really challenging with the changes with COVID-19,” Dr. Michael Ramsey said. “Some of the things we’ve been doing to minimize risk for our patient has been scheduling well appointments and people who have illnesses or concerns that don’t consist of fever or cough and cold, scheduling those patients in the morning and reserving the afternoons for patients with fever and more acute illnesses and cough and cold.”

While the clinic has made changes to follow CDC guidelines, they’ve seen fewer patients coming in for checkups and vaccines, which could cause problems down the line.

“It is important to continue to keep those vaccines up to date, keep those other things current. So if I could say one thing I would say, I would encourage people to come in and get those vaccines that are needed. Don’t wait until the last minute to get those back to school vaccines,” Ramsey said.

The Dothan Pediatric Clinic opened up a specialty clinic off of Montgomery Highway where they will have doctors who specialize in pediatric pulmonary, neurology, cardiology, GI, endocrine, and adolescent treatment.

“One of the things that I think is kinda unique about the clinic is the adolescent doctors, so for people who are graduating from high school but maybe not ready to move on to another provider, these doctors are going to be able to see patients up to 24 years of age,” Ramsey explained. “It’s something that’s totally unique for this area and really unique for this state.”

He said they’ve seen a spike in depression and anxiety linked to the pandemic. The Dothan Pediatric Specialty Clinic has counseling services associated with their clinic for students who are having a hard time with the sudden break of classes and end of the year activities.

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