Local trucking company hiring for drivers to meet demand caused by COVID-19


HOUSTON COUNTY (WDHN) — Alabama Motor Express located off Highway 84 East in Ashford is looking for some who are ready to rev it and roll.

“We’re in a really strong demand right now,” said Taylor White, Vice President of Alabama Motor Express. “It’s a pretty attractive job right now especially with everything going on right now.”

While experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to get a new job right now.

“It’s tough to get a new job right now because getting out it’s hard to quarantine yourself,” White said. “It’s certain things you can’t pass up if we need these guys a rental car so they can stay isolated, we’ll make it work and get them to work quicker than usual.

White stressed how important it is for truck drivers to be rolling right now because the roads are wide open.

“Truck drivers are keeping this country going right now because the grocery stores are empty,” White said. “Everything is household items, food items, ya know; it’s our job to distribute those things.”

The company has close to 220 drivers, and they are looking to hire about 10-15 drivers.

“You do need some experience. I like at least a year of experience along with your CDL. We have a lot of divisions and stuff and experienced truck drivers will know what to apply for.”

If you’re wondering about the coronavirus pandemic, no need to worry. For the most part, the job is pretty isolated.

“The type of freight that we haul and the type of application our drivers are involved in. … They basically are not even getting out of the truck,” White said. “They are hooking to a trailer, backing up to a dock, and the customer is loading or unloading so they can stay isolated.”

In order to apply for the trucking company, you can call 800-633-7590 or visit the website.

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