Local businesses work to accommodate customers after mandate


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As Alabama is now operating under the state-wide mask mandate, some local businesses say they haven’t seen a difference in the numbers of shoppers.

Several large brand companies, such as Walmart, now require masks for all stores, no matter what state.

Meanwhile, as many small businesses are enforcing the governor’s mask mandate, they say it isn’t changing business.

Many businesses, like Love to Run, have masks to give customers if they do not have one for themselves.

“So we just, you know, respect everybody, but we do require a mask because it is a mandate,” manager Alex Wiley said. “So we just want everybody to be safe and everything like that, and if you don’t have a mask, we can give you one, and we will best assist you in every way that we can.”

Many businesses say they hope to see steady business through the tax-free holiday weekend.

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