Enterprise mother-daughter duo sew thousands of free masks for local hospitals


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — An Enterprise mother and daughter are on a mission to help with the national mask shortage by sewing as many masks as possible.

Stephanie Hickman and her mother Angelika Uehlein were going to start Stelika LLC, an online baby clothing company, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Alabama. In response, the mother-daughter spent 18 days sewing 2,500 masks for the local community and other states.

Their creations are now being worn inside hospitals, health departments, and homes — all of them free of charge.

“I’m a prior military wife so community is a big thing for us, you know, helping each other out,” Hickman said. “I just don’t believe that, in a time like this where protection is a must for everybody to be safe and for everybody to stay healthy, nobody should have to pay for some kind of protection that they could get. So that’s why we’re not charging anybody for a mask.”

However, the pair has been paying for the masks out of pocket and face high demands from local hospitals.

“This is our board of what we still need to do and what we did,” Hickman said. “We promised Flowers Hospital 1,400 masks for each employee. Somebody else asking for Enterprise hospital, which they need about, she said, around 800.”

“Just everybody needs them and I believe that we need to do what we need to do to get rid of this virus and to protect ourselves and to hopefully get back to the new normal.”

Hickman said they are not trying to make a profit, but if someone could help them pay the costs of making the masks or donate fabric, that would help them keep making the orders. To support Hickman and Uehlein, you can visit their GoFundMe through this link.

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