Dothan doctor explains new disease present in children who recover from COVID-19


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — New studies show another disease can be directly linked to COVID-19, presenting itself in children weeks later.

“Multisystem inflammatory disorder or syndrome, basically a condition in anyone under the age of 21 who has a fever, laboratory evidence of inflammation, and has become sick enough to be hospitalized from it,” Dr. David Lozano, Pediatric Pulmonologist at The Dothan Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic explained.

Although children may not have originally been diagnosed with COVID-19, the multi-system inflammatory disorder is caused by COVID and can be a telling sign that a child may have had the virus. Treatment is similar to that of Kawasaki disease.

“Treatment wise, really all they’ve tried to do is supportive care and used IVIG because folks have seen that is very similar to a condition we see in pediatrics called Kawasaki disease,” Lozano said. “Immunoglobulin given by an iv is the treatment for Kawasaki’s disease.”

Unlike when a child is sent home from school with a fever, if they are diagnosed with COVID-19, they are not considered fully cured until a few weeks later, especially with the link to this multisystem inflammatory disorder.

“Being symptom-free, completely and at least for a few weeks afterward. Again the number of cases they have seen this in is rare, and it’s small but I think it’s something parents and families need to be aware of,” explained Lozano.

Multi-System Inflammatory Disease also has been called Pediatric Respiratory Syndrome. Dr. Lozano is hoping with more testing being done, more questions will be answered.

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