Dale County ties for highest COVID-19 deaths in southeastern district


DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Dale County is now tied with Butler for having the highest COVID-19 deaths in Alabama’s southeastern district.

As of this report, both counties are reporting 36 total deaths from the virus, but Dale County has reported more cumulative COVID-19 cases than Butler, with a total of 965 residents who have tested positive for the virus.

This puts Dale County behind Houston County, which has the highest number of total cases at 1,755. Here is how they rank so far in terms of deaths; total cases are attached as well.

  • Houston County — 1,838 cases; 15 deaths
  • Dale County — 1,017 cases; 38 deaths
  • Coffee County — 961 cases; five deaths
  • Butler County — 837 cases; 36 deaths
  • Covington County — 816 cases; 24 deaths
  • Pike County — 824 cases; seven deaths
  • Barbour County — 628 cases; seven deaths
  • Crenshaw County — 396 cases; 26 deaths
  • Henry County — 328 cases; three deaths
  • Geneva County — 387 cases; three deaths

Across the state, 110,954 Alabamians have tested positive for COVID-19 since March while 1,959 have died from the virus.

Daily case counts are now back under 1,000 per the latest data, with Saturday recording only 547 cases and Sunday recording 656 cases.

The number of hospitalizations has also dropped again. As of this report, 101 hospitals have reported 1,097 patients with COVID-19.

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