Hispanic Heritage Month: Wiregrass Latina urges her community to celebrate cultural diversity

Hispanic Heritage Month

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The rasp in her voice and the accent on her tongue makes her who she is, a proud Latina in the wiregrass community.

Myra Arus Aponte is Puerto Rican, lovingly called a Boricua, she moved to Alabama when she was 19 years old in 1988. Now she runs a successful Facebook page called the Wiregrass Hispanic Latino Outreach Group.

“The goal of Wiregrass Hispanic Latino outreach has always been to provide information, information is essential in anything you do here in the Wiregrass, especially when you coming from different Latino or Hispanic communities,” said creator of Wiregrass Hispanic Latino Outreach Group, Myra Arus Aponte.

Aponte’s group has connected her to individuals who need help with translating services, including the immigration catch and release program.

“These immigrants under the catch and release program, they have to present themselves in person to immigration and they usually give them about 10 to 15 days, sometimes I have to take them to Atlanta, sometimes I gave to take them to Montgomery, and sometimes I have to take them to Louisiana,” said Aponte.

Aponte was inspired to translate because of her own experiences when she came to Alabama. She is now able to joke about her English, but back in 1988 her transition wasn’t as simple.

“When I came as a young adult, at 19 to Alabama, and people started speaking to me…my lord I needed a translator because I couldn’t understand,” Aponte said. “And the feeling of you being an intellectual person, a person within yourself that you got your thoughts that you got your mind but because you can’t communicate people look at you funny or different or think that you are less because you speak a different language, that feeling that I received… If I could avoid it, I was trying to not let other people feel that way with me.”

Aponte says something she tries to share with her followers is to always try to do something good for someone other than yourself.

“My goal is to try a little bit of everything, and too much of nothing…. Un poquito de todo, well a little bit of everything…A little bit of clothing a little bit of travel a little bit of politics, just a little bit of everything,” said Aponte.

The wiregrass Hispanic Latino Outreach Group is Myra’s visual version of a little bit of everything and too much of nothing.

For more information on the Hispanic Latino Outreach Group visit the Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/WiregrassHispanicLatinoOutreach

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