Tear gas deployed at protesters in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville police officers used tear gas to disperse protesters after they

Following a single round of smoke to disperse protesters, law enforcement did a second round that did contain gas.

“We all pleaded with them to disband before it got dark and then come back Wednesday and let’s do it again,” Chief Mark McMurray said. “They started making demands. They stalled out on us and became confrontational again. That puff of some was stronger so it had a taste of cs in it.”

Police said several weapons among protesters were observed — leading to arrests

For several hours before dispersing, protesters and police stood toe to toe on the crammed steps near the confederate statue.

Mayor Tommy Battle joined and even took a knee, shortly after police in SWAT gear approached.

Protesters reacted, but the tension settled.

“I don’t want grandchildren brought in to this,” one protester said. “If that means I never have a grandkid, I’m ok with that.”

Huntsville police said there were no permits for this protest.

“There was a need to express their feelings so we certainly empathize with that.”

Prior to entering the streets, the largest gathering took place at Big Spring Park with everyone holding their fists up for eight minutes honoring the life of George Floyd.

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