Preparations are underway for the November 3rd general election

Alabama News

(WDHN) — With elections nearing, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says preparations for the successful administration of the November 3 general election are underway.

He expects it to be a busy and record-breaking day.

“We think that we are going to have an overwhelming amount of people that have gone to the polls that day and people that are going to be very interested in the results, but people need to know that all of our votes will be counted on elections day and the results will be known from the state of Alabama on election day for all 67 counties,” Merrill told WDHN.

To ensure polling precincts run smoothly without issues, Merrill says plans and actions have been put in place.

“We provided additional machines in every polling site around the state all 1,980 of them,” Merrill said. “Also additional poll workers so all of our people will be prepared for a successful administration of the election.”

Merrill also addressed Alabama residents who may be concerned about voter fraud.

“We have a number of ways that we are fighting back against voter fraud,” said Merrill. “In the absentee process, we have a number of checks and balances that are in place to ensure that that will not occur but if it does, or if people see things they need to report it. Call the Office of the Secretary of State at 334-242-7200, or call me on my cell at 334-328-2787. We just want to make sure that people know we want everyone to vote.”

According to Merrill, they are making it easy to vote and hard to cheat by using electronic poll books at all polling locations. He says voters should familiarize themselves with the electronic poll books to help expedite the process.

In addition, poll workers will be wearing masks, face shields, and gloves while working. Merrill said almost all voting precincts will have masks available if voters need one, although they are not required to be worn while voting.

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