Marshall: Cop-killer’s execution is justice

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall countered claims of injustice concerning a man’s execution on Thursday.

Nathaniel Woods is set to be executed by the state of Alabama for killing three policemen and injuring another man. As a response to his death sentence, a movement has risen up to try to get clemency for Woods before his execution.

One of Woods’ advocates of is Martin Luther King III, the son of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., who called Wood’s sentence an “injustice.”

However, Marshall said the true injustice was the violence inflicted on the four officers, giving his thoughts in a written statement.

There is a last-minute movement afoot to ‘save’ cop-killer Nathaniel Woods from his just punishment,” Attorney General Marshall said. “The message of that movement is encapsulated by the headline of a press release sent out today, which declared: ‘Surrendered and Innocent Man Set to Die.’ That headline contains two falsehoods and one truth. The falsehoods are the descriptors ‘surrendered’ and ‘innocent’: neither apply whatsoever to Nathaniel Woods, whose actions directly caused the deaths of three policemen and injury to another. The truth is ‘set to die’: Nathaniel Woods was correctly found guilty and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers, and that sentence is set to be carried out tomorrow; that is, justice is set to be carried out tomorrow. The only injustice in the case of Nathaniel Woods is that which was inflicted on those four policemen that terrible day in 2004.”

Attorney General Steve Marshall

Marshall also wrote a letter to Gov. Kay Ivey asking her not to grant Woods a reprieve from his death sentence. You can read the full letter below.

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