"Young Men and the Law" Seminar Tonight

"Young Men and the Law" Seminar Tonight

Law Enforcement Officers Come Together to Talk with Young Men About Making Good Choices.
Several law enforcement officers came together tonight to talk with young men about making good life choices.

The event was put on by the Peggy C. James Fortitude Foundation.

Several officers and deputies from both the Dothan Police Department and Houston County Sheriff's Office were there.

Each of them talked about how important it is to respect authority; whether it's teachers, parents or police.

"We are gearing this program toward males, grades three through 12, for the idea of them to see professionals on stage, and to see how if they make good choices in their lives, they can end up being a professional, and influencing other people's lives," Peggy C. James Foundation Chairman Fran Garza said.

Garza also says they plan to have other programs that will address different needs in the community.
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