Two Years Later: Geneva Police Search for Answers in Missing Teen Case

Two Years Later: Geneva Police Search for Answers in Missing Teen Case

It's been two years since shanna peoples disappeared. The 19-year-old from geneva vanished september 8th, 2011.
Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey wants to bring Shanna Peoples and not being able to do so over the last two years have been frustrating for the chief. “This makes you want to get out here and solve this thing, especially when a person is involved.  We know this girl is missing and she could be harmed."

Peoples disappeared on September 8th 2011 near North Morris Street in Geneva. The 19-year-old is also mentally challenged. Lindsey said that’s all the more reason why the efforts to get her home have been relentless. Thousands of man-hours have gone into the search for the missing teen. He said leads are still been coming in and   so far the tips have prompted searches in Florida and Alabama. Last July investigators even found some of the teen's jewelry, but still no other signs of Shanna. "I actually spoke with the ABI and the FBI yesterday, hopefully this thing can form up and we're closer to solving this problem,” continued Lindsey.

New Forensic information could be the break they need. Lindsey said investigators are waiting on new FBI lab results to come in. He said this could generate a solid lead in the case. "We are going to send information, where we need to send it to, and hopefully we get even more information concerning this case that we can get a solid lead on." 

If you have any information on the case you're asked to call Geneva Police at (334) 684-2777.

On Friday hear from Shanna's family on what it's like to still not have any answers.
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