Two Years Later and Still No Sign of Shanna Peoples

Two Years Later and Still No Sign of Shanna Peoples

A Geneva family has spent the last two years looking for 19-year old Shanna Peoples. She disappeared September 8th 2011 and has never been seen since.

With each passing day and no sign of their daughter, Elvis and Windy McKee grow increasingly heartbroken. The couple has been searching for their daughter Shanna Peoples for the last two years.“I can't eat. I can’t sleep. I can't bring myself to do anything. I just want her home, “said Windy McKee.

"At first it was really hard especially because we were getting a lot of false leads. Right after she went missing we got a call that said we found her on the Sky Line.  They said the cops are coming and they're bringing her home. We sat on the porch for two hours. She never showed. The longer you sit there the more it tears at you," said Elvis McKee.

As the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into years they begin to think the worse. "Here it is, it's been two years. Still no word and still no sign .It seems like we're back at day one. We still have no answers.  You don't vanish off the face of the earth,” continued McKee

While the last 24 months have been painful for the family, Elvis tries to reflect on the good times he’s had with his daughter. They're now hoping the anniversary of Shanna’s disappearance will help generate new leads in the case that could bring this two year investigation to a close.

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