Two Houston County communities get much needed funding

Two Houston County communities get much needed funding

Lots of needed money is pouring into two Houston County communities. Both communities received around $300,000 each from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs to fund community projects.

After three years of waiting, the seniors in Gordon are celebrating. The Town of Gordon was awarded nearly $250,000 through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).Gordon’s Mayor Albert Lowe said the grant money will help build a new senior center. “This is the biggest thing that happened to this community in a long time. We’re so proud to get approved.”

The seniors currently meet in a single wide FEMA trailer that only has one bathroom.  Construction plans for the new senior center shows a multipurpose room,  kitchen, and two bathrooms. Community Development Director Scott Farmer wrote the grant for the senior center. “The senior community here is very instrumental  in the energy in the community  and they’ve been working hard to try and get an improved facility for several years now. I think this will help bring a lot of positive energy to this community,” said Farmer.

State Representative Paul Lee of Houston County presented Lowe with the check that will help make the senior center a reality.  “So many times we pay our taxes and it seems that we never see anything in return. Well this is one case where we can see our tax dollars come back here and we can see, feel and touch. It makes a difference,” said Lee.

Gordon wasn’t the only stop for Lee. He headed up Highway 84 to Ashford to deliver more good news. Ashford also received a $289,000 grant from ADECA. “In many cases in a community we take two things for granted and that’s water and sewage. This will be an improvement for that area,” continued Lee.

Mayor Jonathan Grecu said the funding will help replace water and sewage lines near the city’s housing authority.  He said they’ve been trying to get funding to fix the problem for two years. “Not only were there leaks, we also had to cut the road. So anytime it rain we were cutting the road and patching a leak. This gives us a chance to help the people in the housing authority. “

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