Thieves Hit 28 Cars in One Night

Thieves Hit 28 Cars in One Night

Thieves hit 28 cars in one night and now Dothan Police are busy trying to track down the people responsible.

Ed Evans woke up Monday morning to let his dogs out and when he walked outside his home on Ginnalou Drive he was greeted by three Dothan Police Officers.  They alerted him that the  Pathfinder jeep, parked in his driveway was wide open and car was broken into. It was a part of a string of car burglaries on the Westside of Dothan early Monday morning. “I don't like to feel threatened and any break in makes me feel threatened.” said Evans.

His car was one of 28 hit. Police say the thieves were busy, going from Fortner to Flowers Chapel Road.  They also broke into cars at parked at the Camelot Apartments. "Someone has targeted this neighborhood and they're going to get caught. The goods always win.  It may take them a while, but the good guys will win,” continued Evans.

Police are hoping surveillance video from a neighbor’s home near the Camelot Apartments will help them find the suspects. The video catches the thieves red-handed. On the tape two males are going from car to car, opening the doors to the ones left unlocked. Lt. Will Benny with the Dothan Police Department said the two men seen in the video are responsible for all 28 car break-ins.“This is their business. This is what they do. This is how they make money. Like in any business, you go where your resources are. If there’s an area where there are a lot of cars and a high chance for people to leave them unlocked, they’ll go through and start checking cars. If the cars are unlocked they go for the goodies.”

Police searched for the suspects and stolen property at Westgate Park. They even stopped runners, asking them to keep an eye out. The park is near several areas that were hit by the thieves. Police have also stepped up bike patrol and added more units in the targeted neighborhoods. Benny said the break-ins could have been prevented if the drivers would have locked their car doors.

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