Stolen Slocomb Police car found in Florida

Stolen Slocomb Police car found in Florida

Tiffany Roxann Buryn is in custody after police say she stole Slocomb Police chief's patrol car today.

What started as a routine traffic stop Tuesday morning, escalated into a search for Slocomb Police Chief Don White’s patrol car.  White said it was 26-year-old Tiffany Roxann Buryn of Hartford that stole his cruiser.

The search for Buryn led police across state lines into Holmes County Florida where she was taken into custody."As aggravated as I am this happened, I’m a little embarrassed it happened too.” said White.

Chief White said it all happened on Middle Street where he attempted to place Buryn under arrest for outstanding warrants. Once in handcuffs, White said Buryn tried to run twice. After re-gaining control of the situation, White put her in the back of his patrol car with her hands cuffed behind her back. 

He said Buryn then jumped into the front seat and drove off.  Chief White said the keys were in the ignition, because he turned the car on for air conditioning. "I don't know what I could have done differently, than what we did. I hate when  this kind of thing happens to you and your department," continued White.

Buryn and the patrol car were discovered in the Bethlehem Community several hours after it was stolen. White said she’s now facing multiple charges with several agencies.

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