Sex Trafficking Cases May be Linked

Sex Trafficking Cases May be Linked

A man was charged with human trafficking in Dothan and now police are looking into the connection of another human trafficking case in Panama City Beach.
Last week Alonso Santiagito was charged with human trafficking, distribution of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana after a young girl got the courage to break free and tell someone what was going on. It was at the Quality Inn on Ross Clark Circle in Dothan where the girl escaped from the dangerous man who had been brainwashing and drugging her and selling her for sex. She alerted someone as to what had been going on and Santiagito was put behind bars in the Houston County jail.

But now authorities are looking into a possible connection; two months ago a woman was kidnapped from her home in Panama City Beach by Jacobo Feliciano-Francisco. He took her to a brothel in Mississippi.

Just yesterday the man was indicted by a federal grand jury. Authorities believe this man is part of a network of brothels and prostitution delivery services in Tennessee and Kentucky, using undocumented aliens from Spanish-speaking countries.

With this new information from the FBI, the Dothan Police Department is looking into any connection between these two cases.

"We are in contact with the FBI and individuals in Panama City and will see if they are related in any way," said Lieutenant Will Benny of the Dothan Police Department.

It's a scary reality that something like this could happen here in the Wiregrass but police are trying to put worries and rumors to rest.

"Is there a group of people randomly out there attacking people putting them into forced prostitution? Not generally. Generally, your victims are going to be runaways, undocumented aliens things of that nature-- people who don't have the legitimate chance to just call 911 or call family. Someone who is out stranded or have some sort of need or dependency," Benny said.

Police remind people to keep their eyes open though when staying hotels. Just because women can freely walk around surrounding areas, doesn't mean they aren't being held against their will.

As of right now this case is being handled by the state but if more arrests are made and these cases are in fact related then the FBI will step in.
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