Sewer Overflow Constant Problem for Some Dothan Neighborhoods

Sewer Overflow Constant Problem for Some Dothan Neighborhoods

Dothan has a stinky problem on its hands. Sewage is seeping through the streets in two neighborhoods.
Eddie Bishop is dealing with a sewer spill on a few feet from his door step on Cornell Avenue. City officials say the sanitary sewer overflow is due to substantial rainfall. The problem also occurred at the 700 block of North Englewood Drive. Signs are posted warning the public the hazardous spill is a health risk. One of the signs is in Bishop’s yard. He said the problem is also affecting things inside his home. “The smell is horrible. You can smell it all through my house. My pipes are also draining very slow and I'm afraid it’s going to eventually back up into my house.”

This isn't the first time Bishop has seen the hazardous signs posted in his yards.  He's complained to the city on several occasions, but he said nothing has changed. “I’m just wondering if the city is prepared to pay for the damage that this sewage problem is causing," continued Bishop.

Dothan Utilities Director Billy Mays  said the heavy rain overwhelmed the sewer system.  “The only times this has happened is when there’s major flooding going or there's a major rain fall event." 

Mays said they thought they discovered the problem when they  found a line that was busted in Rock Creek. "It helped the problem, but where the rest of the water is coming from we have no idea."

Mays said they've hired a consulting firm that's monitoring the problem. He said the  firm will determine what improvements should be made over the years to permanently fix the issue.  

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