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Seniors Treated to Lunch by Dothan Rotary

Senior citizens in the area were treated to lunch by the Dothan Rotary Club.
More than 700 seniors were at the Dothan Civic Center today for the 35th annual Rotary Christmas Luncheon.

The seniors were provided with a meal with ham, mashed potatoes, and other items.

Many of the seniors really enjoy this event because they don't have a lot of family in the Wiregrass.

"We have fun every day. All of us are retired and we can just enjoy each other's company," James Payne said.

There were also a couple of speakers at the event, ranging from Mayor Mike Schmitz to Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver.  The Wallace Community College Show Choir sang a few songs as well.

Many of the seniors said they were having so much fun, and they're not the only ones benefiting from this.  The rotary club members also put their money together to purchase gifts for foster children in the Wiregrass. So far, they've bought 123 gifts.

Rotary club president, David Hanks, says he looks forward to putting on this event every year, and his holiday wouldn't be complete without giving these seniors and the kids a good Christmas.

"There's no generation that has given more than the generation we're recognizing today.  And for the kids, it's great because they're foster children," Hanks says.

The seniors appreciate everything given to them.  The majority of them are veterans, and they say this makes them feel loved for the entire holiday.

"I'm just so blessed," Payne adds.
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