Security a top priority at the National Peanut Festival

Security a top priority at the National Peanut Festival

With big crowds expected at the National Peanut Festival, safety is a priority.

The National Peanut Festival kicks off Friday and 30,000 people are expected to come through the gates each day. With the big crowds expected safety is a priority and the National Peanut Festival security team has a plan in place. Safety Coordinator Jason Rudd said they’ve been putting their safety plan in action for the last two weeks. Rudd said they’ve preps continue up until the gates open. “The safety preparation and coordination for the National Peanut Festival is a yearlong thing and we try to update it as often as possible,” said Rudd. 

As an added safety measure, security cameras are installed throughout festival grounds. They've also enlisted the help of the Houston County Sheriff's Office and the Dothan Police Department. Lt. Todd David said it's all a group effort once they get inside the festival gates.
“We will be looking for potential problems. In the past we’ve had very few problems so we’ve been fortunate in that aspect.  So if you see something that you think needs to be reported, let us know and we will take a closer look.”

Despite previous years of safety, police still say families should be aware of possible risks, like protecting yourself from theft. They suggest carrying only the money you will need for the night. If you bring a purse, leave in your car and out of plain view.

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