Ronnie Gilley To Task Force: Come Arrest Me

Ronnie Gilley To Task Force: Come Arrest Me


Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley says he's ready to be arrested if it gets his case in front of a jury. The remarks came Tuesday during a press conference at his Enterprise offices.

Gilley says Governor Riley and the Task Force on Illegal Gambling have repeatably denied County Crossing a day in court. He maintains the 1,700 electronic bingo machines inside the closed bingo casino are legal.

Gilley says he's not afraid of arrest because he's confident his machines would be proven legal in a court of law. He says Task Force Commander John Tyson is afraid of court.

"Come. We offered to volunteer our machines to the Circuit Court in Houston County. Just seize them in place while we have our day in court. They said no. No, we want to come in and rip out your machines, destroy as much of your facility as we can," Gilley said.

Gilley says he plans on reopening Country Crossing as soon as Governor Bob Riley leaves office. That happens in January. Task Force Commander John Tyson says it's his understanding the Task Force only last through the Riley administration.

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