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Rickey Stokes: Commissioner Albert Kirkland choked me

What may have started as a verbal argument involving a Dothan commissioner seems to have turned into much more.
What may have started as a verbal argument involving a Dothan commissioner seems to have turned into much more. In fact, web blogger Rickey Stokes said he was choked by commissioner Albert Kirkland. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago but--only now has Stokes spoken publicly.

"I did not approach Albert. Albert approached me. And if you know me, you know I'm pretty direct about my opinion and I gave him my opinion," said the website owner. It happened moments after Kirkland and other commissioners were sworn into office.

"Mr. Kirkland approached me and he made a comment about a news article that I had done and IO said 'have you gone to see them?' and he said 'no' and I said 'well you probably should've gotten your butt’ and I don't remember if I said kicked or beaten, like the others; Meaning the ones who ran for office and lost. Now I didn't say butt. I should've said that but I didn't and that's when he grabbed me by the throat and pinned me against the wall," said Stokes.

We tried talking to Kirkland to get his side of the issue. But he declined our request. "I don't want to comment on that. No. That's not public," said Kirkland. But it is public now. What has been only internet chatter is now a matter of public record.

"Certainly people have differences of opinion and I'd hope they'd settle it like adults versus taking other actions... We live in glass houses, I mean, we're the ones who chose to be in public office and we certainly need to learn to behave as such. There's plenty of times in the past I've wanted to take action and you just have to be mature about it and not do things like that," said district 6 commissioner, Hamp Baxley.

If Stokes allegations are true, Kirkland has broken the law. So should the man that makes our laws resign?

"He's an elected official so there's not much management can do. The city manager has no authority over him really the mayor and the commissioners have no authority over him so the people have authority over him because he's elected. Does he need some anger management issues? Yes. Do they need to be addressed? Yes... He could reach over and slap Mike Schmitz or Amos Newsome at a commission meeting," said Stokes.

Stokes says he doesn't plan to press charges right now. However, he won't rule them out in the future.
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