Remembering the Unemployed on Labor Day

Remembering the Unemployed on Labor Day

If you are gainfully employed this labor day consider your self lucky. The nation's unemployement rate is at 7.6 percent. Here in alabama there are more than 130-thousand people looking for work.

Labor Day is usually a day spent at the beach or celebrating with family and friends, but for those that are unemployed it's a reminder of the uphill battle of finding work. Alabama's unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent in July, which is lower than the national average of 7.6 percent.

The state department of labor said the July rate represents about 135,000 people looking for work. That's down by nearly 5,000 people from the previous month.Image

But those looking for work like Nancy Dring say the numbers aren't translating into more jobs. "I think it's tough. It's a sign of our times right now and a lot of people are out of job.”

Despite her situation she remains positive. "I have lot friends and support that encourages me every day and I know that job is out there I need,” continued Dring.

Shelby, Baldwin, and Cullman counties have the lowest unemployment rate. The highest unemployment rate in the state is in Wilcox County at 16.3 percent.

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