Property Tax Payment Deadline

Property Tax Payment Deadline

It's the last day to pay your property taxes.
Tuesday, December 31st is the last day to pay your property taxes. And the crowds were steady at the Houston County Administration Building today.

Revenue Commissioner Starla Moss Matthews says it's like this every year.

"The last couple days of the year it's always people coming in at the last minute to try and get those paid," Matthews says.

If you forgot to pay your property taxes, don't worry, you can still pay them. Matthews stresses that there is a drop box out front of the administration building where you can drop off your payments. And it doesn't matter if you do it today, tomorrow or early Thursday.

"Even if it's past the 31st, we don't know when we got it. It might've been before 12 o'clock, so you actually kind of have a free day if you use the drop box," Matthews adds.

But if you don't use the drop box, there will be consequences, like late fees.

The Revenue Commission will be sending out late fee letters in the middle of January.
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