Possible Removal of Sales Tax on Farm Equipment

Possible Removal of Sales Tax on Farm Equipment

Representative Paul Lee sponsors a new bill.
Farm Sales Tax
Farm Sales Tax
Representative Paul Lee is sponsoring a bill this upcoming legislative session that would remove sales tax on farm equipment.

Florida, Georgia and Tennessee have already passed bills removing farm equipment sales tax.

With over half a million jobs in Alabama in the agriculture business, it's obvious that agriculture is one of the booming businesses in the state.

Representative Lee says many people are traveling across state lines to purchase farm equipment, causing the state to lose money.

"Not only are we losing sales, and that's a very opposite thing of what we've tried to do over the past three years -- and that's to build an environment for businesses for people to have their jobs," Lee says.

Because businesses aren't getting enough sales, stores are forced to close, causing people to lose their jobs.

"This will be a very effective bill to keep jobs here," Lee adds. "Here in the state of Alabama, they're paying one and a half percent sales tax. In Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, they're not. Where do you think they're going to go?"

Representative Lee says he's certain everyone involved in the agriculture industry will support this bill.

The legislative session starts back up next month.

Senator Tom Whatley from District 27 will be carrying this bill in the Senate.

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