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People split on whether Kirkland should resign

What started as a verbal argument between blogger Rickey Stokes and Commissioner Albert Kirkland turned into much more and now some are calling for Kirkland to resign.
What started as a verbal argument between blogger Rickey Stokes and Commissioner Albert Kirkland turned into much more. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago but stokes is just now speaking publically about it.

After the story we ran yesterday, we got a lot of feedback about what will be done next. Some are coming to Kirkland’s side but many are actually calling for his resignation.

"I believe he should resign. When you're in that kind of position you're supposed to maintain some kind of accord and discipline for yourself because you're in the public's view all the time,” said James Crowe, a Dothan resident.

Kirkland allegedly choked Stokes, pushing him against a wall in the Dothan Civic Center Arena after being sworn in as a member of the city commission. Stokes spoke to us yesterday about the incident

"A lot of people probably say, 'Ricky Stokes deserved it a long time ago' but that doesn't give him the right... That doesn't give me the right to physically you know what would've happened if I had grabbed him by the neck and had put him up against the wall? You know, let's reverse the situation. You cannot put your hands on somebody period," said Stokes.

We also tried to talk to Kirkland yesterday but he declined to comment.

"I don't want to comment on that. I'm not. That's not public," said Kirkland.

Ronald Brown said he’s worked with Kirkland in the past. He said he was shocked to hear that he would put his hands on someone.

“From what I know of him, Albert's a fine fellow. Everybody gets ill once in a while but he's always been a good fellow around me,” said Brown.

But others still say despite his good reputation, there’s no explanation for what he did and that he owes the community an apology. Some even say he needs to resign.

"Well either an explanation of remorse for what he did saying he was wrong and then turn around and resign anyway but to just be silent about it, he's admitting his guilt. He has no remorse about it he has no apologies that he felt are necessary so he needs to go," said Crowe.

Stokes has not filed any charges but he says he won't rule them out in the future-- he has a year to file.
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